Kadubai Kharat, a voice of cultural movement

Kadubai Kharat, an artist from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, has become a sensation on social media platforms due to her voice, she sings songs on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in that video.

Kadubai said “She learnt singing from her parents, they used to sing Bhim geet to make ends meet. for us, singing is not like a hobby, like for upper-caste singers, but our livelihood”. The daily wage we get through odd jobs is not enough for us to survive and that is when Babasaheb comes to our rescue again, with the story of his legendary life that needs to be told to everyone in this country”

Nijaat Collective created the documentary on Kadubai Kharat. The documentary set in Aurangabad, Maharashtra where Kadubai Kharat lives. She goes door to door, singing Bhimgeet and playing her Iktara, this is how she survives.

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