Sambhaji Bhagat , Revolutionary Shahir of Maharashtra.

Sambhaji Bhagat is a famous singer from Maharashtra. Sambhaji Bhagat has left his mark on the social equality movement on more than one level. He has performed many Prabodhankar Jalsas in Maharashtra. His songs are also sung in some dialects of Marathi. His books have been assigned to study at the university. Sambhaji Bhagat has given many lectures for the promotion and promotion of folk art.

Sambhaji is Ambedkari lokashahir and the purpose of his shahiri is the creation a society where people are treated equally and have basic rights and liberties; where people will respect each other. His shahiri given greater impact on society and also helped to heal wounds.

He has written powadas,  plays, songs, poems, and an autobiography. The Marathi play Shivaji Underground in Bhimnagar Mohalla was originally written by him.The play received the Mifta Award and was also selected for the International Bharangam Drama Festival, which is being held at the National School of Drama, Delhi. He also wrote the songs and composed the music for this play. The play is historic, because it is a retelling of the original story of Shivaji, which was appropriated by right-wing political outfits in Maharashtra.

He also wrote songs and sang for a Marathi movie, Nagrik. He was instrumental in the making of the movie Court, which won a National Film Award in 2015.

Link of Songs are here.

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