Caste Atrocity : Casteist People hurled stones at Buddhist settlement

Hingoli, Maharashtra, 25th June : In another incident of caste atrocity, Casteist people hurled stones at Buddhist settlement at Somthana.

“Casteist people hurled stones at a Buddhist settlement at Somthana in Hingoli district. Rupesh Sarode of Yuva Panther informed that many people were seriously injured, ” Rahul Pradhan described incident on his Facebook wall.

“I have talked with Superintendent of Police Yogesh Kumar and police have arrived in the village. Rupesh Sarode and Prakash Gawhane of Vanchit are going to Kurunda police station. However, all Ambedkarite activists should reach the police station. I will share detailed information in a short time.” Rahul Pradhan Yuva Panther shared on Facebook page.

Bhimrao Lokhande, Arjun Lokhande, Chatrubai Lokhande and Pranjay Kamble were injured in the attack.

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