Shanti Swaroop Bauddh , The pioneer of Ambedkarite Buddhist movement breathed his last today

Shanti Swaroop Bauddh breathed his last today about 4 PM.He was the revolutionary man embedded with sincerity and Intellectual .Just a few days back, he was speaking on Ayodhya as a Buddhist place on the Facebook live and his energy was fresh and his enthusiasm was lively though he was older he was always young for the movement.

 He was moving forward the great mission of Buddha- BabaSaheb Ambedkar- Mahatma Phule for Enlightened India. He founded the “Samyam Sahitya Prakashan “ at New Delhi to spread the Philosophical, social, philanthropic, Buddhist cultural values among the new generation of Indians in general and Bahujan people in particular.

He was full Buddhist ideas and committed Baudhacharya involved in building the nation via cultural change.He pioneered a literary movement with a strong stress on art.His house is like factory of art work where beautiful paintings on the life of the Buddha, Buddhist saints, Bahujan saints, life and different moods of Babasaheb Ambedkar were produced. There will be hardly any Ambedkarite house, at least, in north India, where the rich iconography developed by Sahab has not reached. The paintings were fresh, creative, and they conveyed movement in some form.

The mass copies of paintings like Babasaheb Ambedkar writing, Babasaheb reading, and working are sold in millions. Now in the era of internet, these images are widely available, but prior to this, people bought them in various sites of movement gatherings like Chaityabhoomi, Deekshabhoomi, Parliament street, Lucknow, to name a few.

Samyak Prakashan has a permanent stall in Deekshabhoomi where he personally came many times.Another important contribution Samyak Prakashan did was publishing literature. It published small books and large books, but the small books were like dynamite.

He developed an entire series on Buddha’s leading disciples which encapsulated the lives of the Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis. He published mass copies so that public can be educated through literature. His books went all over the places and Ambedkarite houses.

He produced an artistic reprint of the Buddha and His Dhamma. Beautiful paintings with Buddhist theme were included in this artistic rendition of the Buddha and His Dhamma.Besides contributing through paintings and books, he contributed a lot by arranging Buddhist and Ambedkarite conferences.

Bahujan lost a great man who is one of the pioneers of the Ambedkarite movement in our times and his contribution is unique and lasting for the images of movement he created and books he produced will continue to inspire our generations to come.

He wrote many books on Buddhism under Samyak Prakashan publication.

Here is his last video speaking on Ayodhya as a Buddhist place.

( Extracted from Mangesh Dahiwale’s FB wall article )