China appoints hardliner Zheng Yanxiong head of national security office in Hong Kong

Beijing [China], July 3 : Chinese government has appointed Zheng Yanxiong as head of a powerful new agency being established in Hong Kong to oversee implementation of controversial national security law, reported South China Morning Post.

According to Chinese media reports, Zheng Yanxiong is a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Guangdong Provincial Committee.

The appointment of Zheng, a hardliner known for his crackdown on the Wukan village protests of 2011 , was announced on Friday, reported SCMP.

Zheng in 2011 was accused of making inflammatory remarks in response to those protests.

Li Jiangzhou and Sun Qingye were appointed as deputy heads of the new office, reported Global Times.

With China imposing the national security law in Hong Kong, several pro-democracy activists are fleeing their homeland. Nathan Law, a former lawmaker, and pro-democracy activist, on Thursday, announced on his Facebook that he has left Hong Kong, CNN reported.

Though he did not mention where he had gone or will he return to his homeland, he said that he had left the city to continue his movement at the international level.

Nathan Law was elected as a lawmaker in 2016 but was soon disqualified from office by the Hong Kong court as his oath was seen as “insincere” according to China’s rule on how legislators took their oaths of office. (ANI)

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