National Dastak Launched ‘Bahujan Stories’ App

Mumbai : National Dastak is an Indian web channel launched in 20 December 2015 and is focused on the issues of Bahujan sections and marginalized sections of India that are often ignored by mainstream media.

National Dastak is known for live reporting, political news and broadcasting documentaries and series of programs on marginalized and victimized sections of society in India.

As of July 2020 its YouTube channel subscriptions reached near to four million.

Currently App is available on Google Play Store and it will be Soon available on iOS.

Bahujan Stories App offers handpicked stories that inspire everyone. Bahujan Stories App focus on the examples set by great leaders, heroes and even common people of the society.

National Dastak tweeted while launching app , ” Bahujan Stories App has been launched. Your support and encouragement are needed. More and more people download and give it strength. Download Link… Currently available on Google Play Store. Soon to be available on iOS.”

Famous Singer Ginni Mahi appreciated ‘Bahujan Stories’ App through Facebook live and urged every Indian to download Bahujan Stories app.

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