NewsMobile, Logically join hands to combat ‘fake news’ across South East Asia

London [UK], July 30: In a bid to fight fake news, digital media platform – NewsMobile and news curation platform – Logically have joined hands to roll out a range of election and information integrity products across South East Asia – Including India, Singapore and the US.

Together, they will bring out best of editorial and fact-checking services with the best in anti-misinformation technology to create a range of tools and products – ensuring information integrity, in a time where misinformation has plagued today’s “post-truth” society.

“We’ve always strived to be inclusive, diverse and collaborative at Logically and it’s this collaborative nature that’s allowed us to create the very best in accountable and explainable AI systems to tackle misinformation and disinformation. Having invested in Extended intelligence–using AI to aid human fact-checking capabilities as opposed to replacing them– we now have the largest team of dedicated fact-checkers on the planet. This exciting partnership with NewsMobile will allow us to scale our field of operations from an investigative team of 35 to 100s which will significantly boost our impact and the performance of our technologies,” Lyric Jain, founder, Logically said.

Speaking on the growing necessity of tools to prevent fake news, Saurabh Shukla, the founder of NewsMobile said, the world at present is facing two types of pandemic — COVID-19 and “pandemic of misinformation and fake news.”

“The way that we consume information and interact with one another has radically changed over the past couple of decades, with the expansion in web technologies. Although we are now much more connected, the challenges of the digital information age have fundamentally altered the way in which we consume information– allowing bad actors to propagate misinformation for their own motives. Both NewsMobile and Logically produce great work and I’m sure that, in working together, we can better today’s information ecosystem across India, South-east Asia, the USA and beyond,” Shukla said.

He further said that the joint venture of NewsMobile and Logically will work to better “today’s information ecosystem across India, South-east Asia, the USA and beyond.” (ANI)

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