‘Abhilash’ a short film on lockdown from Odisha receives International Award

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Aug 23 : A short film based on lockdown titled ‘Abhilash’ which sends out a message of awareness during the COVID-19 lockdown has bagged an International Award at the ‘Bengal Lockdown online film Festival’ in the Best Social Message Film category.

The international film festival was organised under the supervision of organiser Subhamapurva witnessed contest from around 135 films from around the world. Out of these titles, only 50 titles from 20 countries were officially nominated.

At the festival, the Indian lockdown based short film overtook titles from countries like the US and Australia. ‘Abhilash’ emerged among the top six winners.

Shot in and around Hinjilikatu area of Berhampur, under Ganjam district, Odisha, ‘Abhilash’ has been directed by Guru Krishna Chandra Sahu.

The filmmaker expressed his gratitude for the award and said that “the art of a small town of Odisha has gained national and international recognition.”

Expressing his delight of the film bagging an international award. Sahu said, “This film ‘Abhilash’ is based on the government’s message to save lives by staying at homes. The motive of the film is to show people without any facilities or equipment are making their lives safe.”

He added, “The Government has introduced a lot any measures of sanitisation, and social distancing.. but people with fewer facilities… how they are fighting against COVID-19 by staying safe without any of the facilities… that is the message which has been shown in the film.”

“I’m happy that the film has received national and international recognition, our motto was to send the message to people to keep safe without the facilities amid lockdown… This is a positive message and a good concept that we wanted to convey to people through the short film,” the director said.

The short film essays the story of a poverty-stricken boy who keeps himself safe amid the coronavirus lockdown and reads messages of social distancing.

For the first time, a short film by Hinjilikatu has been awarded internationally. Locals are proud of this short film which sends out a message about poverty-stricken people to the entire world during the pandemic. (ANI)

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