Close aide of Modi, Zafar Sareshwala strives for Muslims education

New Delhi, Jan 10 (IANS) Former Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University and a close aide of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Zafar Sareshwala believes that participation in the stock market is important for the growth of the country, however, educated youth and women in India are still hesitant.

Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat-based businessman is raising awareness about education, banking and stock market among the Muslim community and motivating them towards it.

Along with this, Sareshwala wants that there should be a group to raise the issues of the Muslim community as there is hardly anyone from the community who iss genuinely raising their issues.

Family of Sareshwala has never been into politics as they had their ancestral business to manage.

Sareshwala was the first person in his family who had an association with a politician. He has been associated with Prime Minister Narendra Modi since the latter was Chief Minister of Gujarat. Sareshwala acted as bridge between the Muslim community and the government.

Currently, Sareshwala is running a campaign named Taalim-o-Tarbiyat with an aim to educate the Muslim community and make them capable of excelling in every field and enhance their status.

Sareshwala told IANS, “No society can progress without education. We have started a movement called ‘Taalim-O-Tarbiyat’ and have organised programmes under it in 47 cities across the country. The recent program in Ayodhya was well received by the people.”

He said, “Not too many Muslims are not into politics. This has reduced in the last 20-25 years. The only way the Muslim community can progress is through education.”

“We should be identified through our education. We should educate ourselves in the field we wish to work and do our work honestly. Apart from this, we should also train ourselves for other skills like financial literacy, stock market, investment, etc.”

People will be given training for such skills through Taalim-O-Tarbiyat so they can generate self-employment.

“we want people to attain skills through Taalim-O-Tarbiyat. The objective is not only to educate them but also empower them with financial literacy.”

He said, “There are very good doctors, engineers or scientists in our society, but still a lot of educated people are not financially illiterate.”

“I wish to motivate the children of the Muslim community through this initiative so that they attain confidence that they can also do it. Not only Ambani or Adani, even I can also do it.”

Sareshwala believes that there are hundreds of specialties among the Muslim community, but they are not educated enough. This is the reason they are not able to grow. If they are able to strengthen their foundation on the basis of education, they will grow in future.

Sareshwala started this initiative on a very small scale, the results of which are now gradually visible. Sareshwala believes that this initiative will strengthen the Muslim community in the future.

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