IYC slams govt over farm laws

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) Highlighting the deaths of farmers in the ongoing farmers’ agitation, the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Saturday slammed the Centre saying that Prime Minister Modi had not consoled the relatives or visited the protest site till date to meet the agitating farmers.

The IYC said it will collect soil from villages and prepare a map of India.

Addressing a press conference here, IYC national president Srinivas B.V. said, “Farmers through non-violent and democratic means are agitating against the three agricultural laws made by the central government, in this chilling cold.”

He said the police is mercilessly baton charging the farmers, firing tear gas and water cannons are being used, and this shows the “dictatorial” face of the government.

He said that the Prime Minister, who describes himself as a poor labourer, son of a farmer, worries about Washington’s democracy, but he does not have the time to hear the voices of millions of farmers sitting on dharna just 10 kilometres from his residence.

“Actually, this government has become dumb, deaf and dictatorial. A map of India will be made from the soil collected from the campaign, this map will be a memorial for the contribution of the farmers and will be a tribute from the Youth Congress in the honour of our farmers,” Srinivas said.

Krishna Allavaru, the National Joint Secretary of the Indian National Congress said that the “cruelty and the police brutality” on the non-violent and democratic movement being carried out by farmers, mothers and sisters and children in different places is an insult to the farmers.

“It is not the culture of India described in the Constitution,” Allavaru said.

He said that through this campaign, the workers of the IYC will be sent to the villages, from there they will collect a handful of soil and will also spread the message that the Constitution has empowered the farmers to protect their rights through non-violent means.

“No government can arbitrarily impose any law against them, against their will,” he said, adding that “democracy and the republic for which we fought for more than 200 years, the Modi government is humiliating it globally.”

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