‘Stop hypocritical statements regarding freedom of speech in B’desh’

By Sumi Khan
Dhaka, Jan 10 (IANS) In a social media post, Sajib Wazed Joy, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son, warned the US and other western embassies in the country against “hypocritical statements regarding freedom of speech in Bangladesh”.

“I want the US Embassy in Dhaka, as well as other western embassies to take note of this post. We do not want to see hypocritical statements from you in the future regarding freedom of speech in Bangladesh any more,” Joy, who is also an Information and Communication Technology advisor to the government, said in the Facebook post on Saturday.

He also mentioned that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but that freedom ends when someone spreads falsehoods that end up hurting others.

“No one has the right to hurt others; in Bangladesh we believe that it should not be up to private companies; but up to the courts to decide.

“Twitter and other social media in the US have banned the President of the US permanently, along with several other people and organizations that spread falsehoods that led to violence. This is the limit of freedom of speech in the US,” he added.

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