ICC sets up $5mn fund to help member countries

Dubai, April 1 (IANS) The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board has the announced that it would set up a $5 million dollar fund to help countries play international cricket.

“The ICC Board agreed to set up a Member Support Fund for Cricket with $5 million being made available in grants to support the playing of international cricket,” said an ICC statement on Thursday.

“The fund will be made available in form of a ‘co-payment’ contribution with a maximum grant of 50% being available for Members upon application,” it said.

Co-payment contribution is made by a body towards a covered service.

The ICC could deduct this co-payment contribution from the money it gives to member countries, although it has not clarified this.

The ICC had, in 2014, set up a Test cricket fund to help keep Test cricket alive across the countries.

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